About Us

”A chow chow is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
We are so excited and proud about this stage in our lives.
From the early ages we grow up surrounded by friends and family that owned dogs.
We always had that wish of having one day our own dog but was not possible until we have moved in to our house.
It all started on a Christmas Eve, when we brought home our very first puppy (a super cute Chow Chow, which we've named him Muffin) and fall in love with him instantaneously.
From that moment we knew that we will only have Chow Chow's breed in our life.
This love and passion for Chow Chow, made us decide to take it to the next level. One day we had seen an advertisement for a dog show and we decided that it is time to show publicly our love and affection for chow chow breed by participating in this competition in order to share the amazing time that this wonderful canine can offer to people.
We had a blast at this dog show and we've made many new friends. As a result, we've realized that it will be so much fun to keep on going and jumped to the level of breeder. Little later we brought four new members in our Chow Chow family: Chanel, Grace, Napy and King.At the moment in our cozy kennel there are: 3 males and 2 females. We are not looking for quantity, but rather being able to offer love and affection to each and every one of them. Every day we spend tremendous time with our dogs to become great companions and these efforts paid back in full.
The cozy kennel is located on a hilly area of Bad Oeynhausen Germany. The landscape it’s gorgeous and we are surrounded by forests and small rivers.The temperatures here are not that hot during the summer and not too cold during the winter which makes it a perfect climate for a Chow Chow.
Now, we kindly invite you to please meet our amazing Chow Chow family ...

In overall Chows present the image of a muscular, deep-drawn aristocrat with a touch of unfathomable timelessness.
The breed has several special features that include:
A lion's mane around his head and shoulders; A deeply inserted almond eyes, which add a sinister, snobbish expression; And a "stiff" (stiff-legged) movement. The most remarkable physical feature of the breed is its blue-black tongue. According to the Chinese legend, the tongue got its blue hue at the time of creation when a chow licked the paint while the sky was painted.
Chow-Chow can have rough or smooth coats of red, black, blue, cinnamon or cream. Chow-Chow combines the nobility of a lion, the drollness of a panda, the charm of a teddy bear, the grace and independence of a cat, and the loyalty and devotion of a dog. He is also worthy and distanced as it is for a breed that was once held in imperial Chinese kennels.
Chow-Chow is not a fast dog, so they are not the best choice for a jogger, but they have an excellent stamina and can be a good walking companion.
Their cat-like personalities make them independent, stubborn and less eager to please than other breeds... Read more